VIDEO: I Don’t Normally Get Jealous but When I Saw How He Makes $3 Million A Year, I Gasped

PewDiePie has the most subscribers on YouTube, at 33 million. He makes £2.6m per year simply by playing videos games and sharing his videos on the web. The year 2014 was an exceptional year for this YouTube star, as he was proclaimed the undisputed “King of YouTube” by his fans, which altogether declared their own country as the world’s 34th most populous country.

Even his girlfriend has her own YouTube channel with nearly five million subscribers. They met online after she saw one of his videos in 2011, as recommended by a friend. The couple live together and even had to make a recent move in order to avoid his fans, who had figured out where he was living.

When Kjellberg met his girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, online, he immediately flew from his home in Sweden to her homeland of Italy in order to meet her and they have been together ever since. Between their moves, the couple lived with Bisognin’s parents in order to have internet access, something Kjellberg desperately needed in order to continue his career path as a YouTube star.

Kjellberg says that he has learned in his life that if he wants something, he needs to go for it and grab it, and that is precisely how he landed his attractive Italian girlfriend of four years.

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