VIDEO: Even After Seeing This Video Hundreds Of Times I Can’t Believe Why This Girl Is Crying

One little girl named Sadie is five-years old. She has an adorable brother who is younger than she is, and she does not like the idea that he will get older. As she looks at her little brother, she sees how cute he is when he smiles. She realizes, while her mother has a camera, that when you grow up, you might not be as cute as you are when you’re a baby.

Sadie goes into hysterics when she doesn’t understand why her baby brother has to grow up and lose his cute smile. She doesn’t want him to turn 100, and she doesn’t want to stop giving him little kisses and hugs.

This is an adorable representation of how a child knows what it’s like to love another person so much. While Sadie is sitting there in tears, her little brother looks on in amazed silence. Soon, he starts to smile at her, possibly letting her know that everything will be alright when he does grow up because he will be able to protect her.

The baby starts to drool on his blanket, and Sadie cries even more over how adorably cute he really is and how much she wants him to stay little.

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