VIDEO: I Consider Myself A Brownie Expert, And Even I Have Never Tasted Anything Quite This Good

Holiday baking is supposed to be a time consuming affair, but this recipe for chocolate hazelnut brownies from the Oprah Winfrey Network provides delicious and sweet treat straight from the oven without the mess and fuss usually associated with concoctions involving flour.

A mere five ingredients, flour, water, eggs, kosher salt, and hazelnut spread combine in less than an hour to produce a great tasting treat that everyone will enjoy. The simple process involves beating two eggs at first. Next the hazelnut spread is folded into the egg mixture and combined with the water and flour. The salt is the last thing added to the mixture before it is gently poured into a foil lined baking pan.

After being spread evenly, the batter is baked at three-hundred fifty degrees for between twenty and twenty-five minutes. Once the baking process is completed, the only things left to do are to flip the pan, remove the foil, cut the brownies, and dust with powdered sugar. From there, the sweet delicacy can be neatly wrapped and secured in individual containers.

So in less than an hour with few ingredients, just about anyone can make some top notch chocolate hazelnut brownies. Perhaps the best part is that once someone gets a taste, they will be clamoring for the recipe and praising the culinary skills involved in the process. Little does anyone know that with a great recipe, baking for the holidays does not have to be a complicated affair full of measuring and kitchen cleaning.

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