VIDEO: I Can’t Believe What This Lady Is Doing In Public, You Have To See Why. LOL

Public displays of affection are common enough in this day and age where people are no longer afraid to hide their true emotions. That being said however, most people do not openly express their love of ice cream in this very public way. Some people just have no idea how to properly express their feelings and one woman is a perfect example.

Though the video starts out with what appears to be a woman simply sitting down to enjoy her ice cream on a hot summer day, she quickly takes her love a step further. Making a huge scene, the woman lets everyone within a few feet know just how she feels about her delicious frozen dairy confection. Some people call it strange, other people call it love.

This woman is a true example of someone that enjoys every moment of everything they do. Though this sort of display might make some people uncomfortable, it makes plenty of people smile as this women does everything she can to let the people around her know that she loves her ice cream. It may just be for show or it may be true love.

Only the lady with the ice cream can tell. Though it does seem a bit put on, this clip is certainly entertaining and perfect for anyone that wants a quick laugh.

This type of video is something so silly that it will make you smile no matter what and will get you laughing. This is a great video that is well worth the time it takes to watch.

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