VIDEO: I Can’t Believe The Words That Came Out Of This Little Girls Mouth…HA HA HA!

Typically, it is the parents or grandparents who are telling the kids not to swear. However, in this situation, it is a little girl who is perturbed by her grandmother’s bad language and refuses to listen to it anymore. She refuses to talk to everyone.

The girl, Josie, starts off by saying, “I’m not talking to you anymore guys, because I’m really upset.” When she is asked for the reason why, she references her Grandma Mimi and says, “She said a bad word to me.” She then goes on to repeat what her grandma had said, and even though people around her find it funny, she does not at all. In fact, she is a little bit shaken up by what just happened. She tells them, “I’m going to go home, take a rest.” She is visibly upset, although the woman who is holding the camera and talking to her obviously finds the situation to be an entertaining one.

This little girl, as shown in the video, is humorously dramatic. Depending on the language used, she may have a point. However, she reveals that the word that her grandma used was “poop,” which elicits giggles from the woman filming her, as well as likely most of the people who are watching the video.

“Poop” may not be the nicest word, but we should be grateful that that is what Grandma Mimi said and not something much worse, as many other parents and grandparents have done in front of small children.

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