VIDEO: I Can’t Believe How Old Elvis Would Have Just Turned! You’re Always On Our Minds!!!

Today we would have celebrated the 80th birthday of Elvis Presley if he were still alive. Even though he is gone he is not forgotten, and as long as we remember the great musician he will never disappear.

Elvis had many great songs through out his career and it seems that no matter what the situation, he always had a song that went along with it perfectly. In remembering Elvis today, lets bring up one of his songs perfectly called Always On MY Mind. Even though he wrote this song for his ex-wife, we can use it to day to pay homage to a great man.

He has transcended generations after generation and his music lives on in fans of many ages. His talent and amazing career will always be remembered because a person only truly leaves when he is forgotten. The legacy he has left us is so great that even our grandchildren will know of him.

Lets keep Elvis alive by showing future generations his talent, his many accomplishments, and his beautiful music. Only then we will be paying homage to this great man that left us one of the greatest gifts possible, and that was to express ourselves through songs.

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