VIDEO: I Am The Worst Baker Ever, But Even I Could Make THIS And IT Was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS

The No Bake Nutella Cheesecake recipe is perfect for someone looking to delight a crowd without putting in much work! It’s quick and easy to prep. All you need is butter, Nutella, graham crackers, pie pan, philadelphia cream cheese, and powdered sugar.

Start off by chopping up 100 grams of butter into cubes. Take a table spoon from your jar of Nutella and add that to the butter. Place both of these into the microwave, or in a sauce pan over low heat until they are melted together. Place those ingredients aside and crush 250 grams of graham crackers into a mixing bowl.

Once they are chopped up finely, mix in your chocolate butter mixture. Stir these two together until the consistency resembles wet sand. Now take your round pie pan, and press the mixture down and up the sides until they are coated in your graham cracker crust. Place this into the fridge to chill. Next take 500 grams of room temperature Philadelphia cream cheese and chop it up into cubes.

Place these into a mixing bowl, and sift a half a cup of powdered sugar into it. Beat the two ingredients together. Now you are ready for the final stage! Grab the jar of Nutella you took the spoonful out of below. Scoop the remaining mixture into your cream cheese mixture. Mix these together until smooth, and add onto the cookie crumb base. Place the finished product into the fridge for 4 to 5 hours, or until firm.

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