VIDEO: I Bet You’ve Never Seen This Inside A Gas Station Bathroom Before. WOW

The supposed “nicest gas station bathroom ever,” was found at this metropolitan Shell Station. As guests walk in, they are greeted with hardwood molding and cabinetry, wrap-around mirrors, hanging decorative lighting, and magazine racks. Of course, the fixtures, the reason one might find himself in this luxury bathroom, are exquisite. Both urinal and toilet options are sparkling white and separated with a “reading zone.”

The sinks have dazzling stainless steel highlights. This includes hotel-like toilet paper dispensaries and towel holders. The air in this lavatory can be described as “gentle menthol.” In the simple swing of a door, this Shell stations patrons go from busy parking lot, to a restroom that is fit for an upscale restaurant. It is evident that the owners and managers of this particular Shell station understand the truth behind customer service.

By far, most gas station bathrooms are not pleasant. As people try to avoid the unpleasantness, they generally contribute to the space being even worse. If a patron walks into a room where it is evident that someone’s best bathroom behavior is requested, it will usually be given. Owners and managers of businesses that are open to public will profess the roots of good customer service.

If a customer is treated like a king even in a bathroom, he will assume the business is deserving of courteous and continuing patronage. Gas station bathrooms are a perfect example. Horrible examples are nothing but rest stops for people having emergencies. This Shell station’s bathroom inspired a review video posted on social media. It seems that the owner of this particular station is setting a wonderful and thoughtful example.

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