VIDEO: I Am Very Impressed With What She Turned Her Old Used CDs Into. I Should Do This!

It does not seem like too long ago and CDs were seen as new and innovative. However, these days, CDs are increasingly being seen as obsolete, with the rise of iPods, mp3 players, and all the music that is available online on devices that are small enough to fit into a person’s pocket without interfering with their activities at all. If you have old CDs that you would like to recycle and you are into arts and crafts, this project may just be for you.

You can make incredibly cool mosaic plates using old CDs, as well as the following other supplies: plastic plates, Mod Podge, glue, and scissors. Start off by cutting your CDs into small shapes of your choice, until you have enough to cover the plates that you want to make.

Then, glue the pieces to the plates in the pattern that you choose. Once the plates are covered, use glue to occupy any spaces that exist between the pieces that have been glued down. Let the plates dry, and then put two layers of Mod Podge on top.

Once the plates have dried, you will see just how nifty they look. You can use these for a variety of purposes, and the best part is that they are so easy and fun to make. Anyone can do this, even someone who is not particularly artistically talented. Your friends will ask you where you got these cool plates, and you can tell them that you made them!

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