VIDEO: I Always Knew You Shouldn’t Refrigerate Potatoes. But These 10 Others? I HAD NO IDEA!

The refrigerator is sometimes a storage unit for foods that you just don’t have anywhere else to put. When you store foods in the refrigerator, they are easily forgotten, turning brown or developing mold on them. This is not something healthy that you would want to eat or serve to your family. There are about a dozen foods that you should avoid putting in the refrigerator at any time.

There are some things that you probably automatically put in the refrigerator without thinking about what you’re doing. Melons are a common thing that you might put in there. They can be cut into small pieces, left whole or cut in slices. Tomatoes don’t need to go in the refrigerator because they will often become soft.

Potatoes often have a different flavor, and avoid putting onions in the refrigerator as everything will have the same smell and taste. Coffee will lose its flavor and start to smell like other items in the cold box. Garlic is similar to an onion, and it will start to mold.

Honey will start to crystalize, and alcohol should be kept in a cabinet to keep the best flavor possible. Bread will get dry, and some condiments can be kept in a cabinet for years.

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