VIDEO: Hundreds Of People Lined Up To Watch This. At The End THIS Happened. STUNNING!

In a video that attempts to place diversity in the proper perspective, the Love Has No Labels project set up a scenario where people would perform acts behind a screen, with only their skeletons visible to the viewing audience.

The first couple are shown kissing, before each pops their head from behind the screen. The fact the couple turns out to be two women shocks some members of the gathered audience, with the two women then kissing and embracing each other as the crowd applauds.

The next pair are two individuals shown dancing behind the screen, one much taller than the other. The taller individual then leans over to kiss the other on the forehead. When both emerge, a black woman and Asian-American soldier are seen before they kiss again.

That’s followed by two smaller images dancing, and when both come out, the first is a girl with Down’s Syndrome, followed by a teenage girl.

In subsequent images, a black gay couple is shown with their son; an elderly Japanese couple comes out to hug each other;project is to two young children of different races are playing together; and additional gay couples are shown.

The message of the project is that all people are the same underneath their skin, and therefore tolerance for different races should practiced by all human beings.

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