VIDEO: Hundreds of NYPD officers do THIS to de Blasio during funeral address

NYC Mayor de Blasio has landed in some hot water after he made remarks after a grand jury did not find sufficient evidence to warrant a legal case in the death of Eric Garner. Garner was killed after NYPD officers put him in a choke hold and he died after saying that he could not breathe.

The mayor has mixed race Last week, a police officer who was brutally gunned down named Rafael Ramos had his funeral at Christ Tabernacle Church. Many of the NYPD officers did not want the mayor to speak. He made his remarks and a video monitor was showing it as well.

The hundreds of officers then all turned their backs on him to protest his appearance. Because of the fact that the NYPD officers feel that Mayor de Blasio does not support how they do their job, this has created a rift between the two parties.

This is causing many problems as there is racial tension in the state as many people have protested due to the death of Eric Garner. The police officers do not want him to attend any NYPD funerals and he did so with having prior knowledge of this request. Time will tell if de Blasio can make in roads with police officers in the city moving forward.

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