VIDEO: How Come Everyone Jumped To Help The Female But Left The Male To Struggle For His Life

Society has a long way to go before a balanced approach is taken to domestic violence. People have a false sense of morality stir deep passions in them when watching a man seemingly abuse a female. However, when the tables are turned, the same demographics who furiously came to the aid of a woman are not stirred in the least bit to aid an abused man. In some cases, people found the incident humorous.

In the video, actors play the role of a boyfriend and girlfriend. The male actor has his hand on the woman’s neck as he repeatedly tells her she should have not have spoken to another man. Presumably, he is a jealous man and turns violent when his insecurities are aroused.

He did not get far in his harassment of the woman as two unknown women rush to the abused girlfriend’s aid. They intervene and keep the angry boyfriend away. In fact, in every instance where the boyfriend gets physical with his girlfriend men and women rush to her aid. When the same woman now plays a girlfriend to a slender man who is smaller than her, the reaction was very different.

No one came to his aid. She became far more violent to him than the prior actor was able to get with her. Again, no one aided the man and, in one instance, an ignorant man aided her in roughing up the man.

Sadly, statistics show that a man is physically abused by a woman every 37 seconds.

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