VIDEO: Homeowner Heard A Strange Humming From Inside His Walls. So They Tore it Open And Found THIS

Twenty-seven year-old Larry Chen was relaxing outside of his home when he noticed something odd on the window. There was a swarm of bees on the other side of the window. Chen estimated that there were at least a few hundred bees on the window. He did not want to hurt the bees, but he wanted to remove them from his property.

Chen he decided to go on craigslist and look for some help. He found a man named Mike Bee, who is a member of the Backwards Beekeepers. This is an organization that aims to safely remove bees. Bee stated that there were around 50,000 bees living in Chen’s backyard.

The Backyard Beekeepers came to Chen’s home to remove the bees. They put on masks, gloves and hats before doing any work. They used pine smoke to soothe the bees. The Backyard Beekeepers then used a vacuum to suck up the bees.

They were able to save about 95 percent of the bees. The Backyard Beekeepers took the bees to a bee farm, which is where they will spend the rest of their days. Chen stated that he did not want to harm the bees, so he sleeps better at night knowing they are safe.

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