VIDEO: His Wife Walked Inside To Witness THIS. If I Did This I’d Be In BIG Trouble

Roman Atwood loves pulling pranks. One day while his wife was gone for the day he came up with a prank that everyone would love. He was going to transform the entire bottom story into a huge ball pit. After all the furniture was moved against the walls it was time for business.

With the help of friends, they set up a trampoline in the living room, once it was assembled it was time for the balls. A semi trailer of bags of balls was unloaded into the garage. As the boys emptied the bags, the kids started the fun with the balls.

Hours, and thousands of balls later the house was converted to an enormous ball pit. They had a blast jumping off the second story onto the trampoline, surfing atop all the balls, and having good natured ball pit fun. But after a call from his wife saying she would be there in 40 minutes they had to get to work again.

They boarded up the windows of the door she would be coming in, as well as creating makeshift walls to hold up the avalanche of balls that would fall down on her when she opened the door. They finished just in time for her to get home. She opened the door and was welcomed by all the balls. She laughed as she was shocked taking in the sight. But after processing it all she was excited and jumped right into the fun with all the others.

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