VIDEO: His Wife Begged Him To Change His Caveman Appearance. What He Did? My Jaw Dropped!

Good Morning America’s “Make Over My Man for Valentine’s Day” event rescued Kelly McCall from her husband’s unruly hair and beard.

Her husband, Arron, a 41 year old CrossFit gym owner, had everything going his way except for his long, tangled locks and a beard even he had to admit was making him look like a caveman. While Arron seemed happy with his appearance, all Kelly and her daughter wanted for Valentine’s Day was a husband and father that didn’t scare people in public.

For the sake of his wife and child, Arron sacrificed three years of hair growth to let Good Morning America’s team give him a makeover. Kelly and her daughter didn’t watch the transformation take place and had to wait until the televised reveal to see Arron’s new look.

Sporting a clean shave and a sharp new undercut hairstyle, Arron greeted his wife on the show, much to her satisfaction.

The change was so dramatic, he looked as though he’d gone from wandering vagrant to Hollywood actor. Arron must have enjoyed his old look to have kept it for so long, but appeared pleased with his impeccable transformation. ‘Make Over My Man for Valentine’s Day’ turned out to be a big success for the McCall household, at least until next Movember.

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