VIDEO: His Owner Was Rushed To The Hospital And He Did THIS And No One Could Believe It

Anyone that owns a dog knows just how attached and devoted they are to their owners, but for those with any lingering doubt a video of a dog that goes above and beyond will prove it.

The video shows a dog that is determined to make sure that his owner gets all the help he needs, by supervising an emergency call and transfer himself. EMT showed up at his door to take his owner to the hospital, and the dog watched his owner get put in the back of the ambulance.

Once the doors close and the ambulance starts to pull out the dog literally starts to chase alongside it.

He was not about to let them take his owner without his own assurance that he would be okay. The dog ended up chasing the ambulance the entire route to the hospital to make sure that his owner was okay.

The EMT workers saw the dog outside of the window and slowed down a bit to make sure that the dog could keep up and that he did not get hit. Once they get to the hospital the dog watches over his owner to make sure he gets inside without any additional signs of trouble.

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