VIDEO: Hillary’s Response On Abortion Leaves GOPer Looking Like An Idiot Fumbling For Words

While being questioned in Congress in 2009 Hilary Clinton shared some interesting opinions on abortions and how different ideologies impact the developing nations. Her answer strongly points out the fundamental disagreements that pro-life and pro-choice advocates cannot reconcile. She does mention, however, that each side has a right to campaign and advocate their opinion around the globe.

Representative Christopher Smith’s first question to Clinton was inquiring if the Obama administration had any plans to smother any pro-life laws in developing countries.

Clinton raised several eyebrows and left many shocked when she started her response as sympathetic to women around the world. She mentions several places which she has personally visited and experienced first-hand the tragedy of abortions gone wrong or young children who are bearing children themselves.

Smith also questioned Clinton about the specific definitions of reproductive health and if abortions were included in such terms. Family planning, Clinton explains, is a large part of women’s health. She continues to acknowledge that reproductive health includes access to abortion. These abortions must be safe, legal, and rare.

For the rare portion of the definition, Clinton explains how she has fought to lower abortion rates. Her personal beliefs are that ignorance and lack of access increase the rate of abortions whereas access to medical care and good family planning will lower the rate of abortions.

She concludes with a moving statement, “We are now an administration that will protect the rights of women including their rights to reproductive health care.”

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