VIDEO: He’s On Live TV When He Receives A Surprise Video Call. What He Does Next has Me Crying

The Steve Harvey Show premiered in 2012, and it has shown people a side of the comedian that they were not used to seeing. One day during an episode of “Family Feud”, he could not help but break down and cry after he had received an emotional phone call.

His producers had told him that he had a surprise call. He looked on the screen and saw that it was Rich Liss. Liss was a man who helped Steve get his big break.

Steve was 26 years-old and a struggling comedian. He did not have any money, and Rich took him in and helped him get on his feet. Rich also helped Steve get an account so that he could travel. Now that Steve is a very successful comedian, actor and show host, he wants to repay the people who helped him along the way. He stated that he will be flying Rich and his wife out to be on the show.

Steve was very emotional during the phone call, and he could not help but cry during the phone call. Unlike many other people who make it big, Steve is humble and remembers the people who helped him along the way.

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