VIDEO: He’s Caught Red-Handed. What Happens When Mom Confronts Him? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Every kid, even if he or she is a good kid, misbehaves from time to time. A recently released BuzzFeed video, with the title 13 Guilty Kids, features many different kids who have been caught red handed doing something they should not have been doing, but they still try to pass themselves off as innocent so that they do not get into trouble. It shows the innocence of kids, who are not able to why without giving something away.

One of these kids is caught sitting in a cupboard, surrounded by a large mess. When asked who made the mess, the kid tells his dad that Billy made the mess. In another part of the video, a kid is asked if he threw a bunch of items over the deck railing, and he keeps laughing and saying no, when it is obvious that he did in fact to do it. The camera pans over to a whole bunch of things that have been thrown off of the deck.

These kids commit all sorts of mischievous act, including sneaking snacks when their parents are not looking and writing on the wall and permanent markers.

They are all caught in the act, and it is quite hilarious how they try to make their parents believe that they did not do anything when it is obvious to anyone that they did. This me remind us all of when we were kids and wouls have told lies to try to avoid timeouts as well.

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