VIDEO: Her Mom With Alzheimer’s Has No Idea Who She Is. Then It All Clicks. I Am Crying!

Anyone who has a close family member with Alzheimer’s disease knows how devastating it can be. This disease slowly causes the brain to deteriorate, and the individual who has it often has almost no short term memory and cannot recognize his or her loved ones.

This can be very hard on the family, because the person that they once loved and had a real relationship with is gone. However, it can be amazing when they have moments of lucidity, which sometimes happens in even the most severe cases. During these moments, they once again recognize their family members, and it is like they family has the individual back, if only for a short time.

Kelly is one of these family members of an Alzheimer’s patient. Her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and Kelly by now is used to experiencing her mother not recognizing her. However, at one point, her mother had a lucid moment where she knew who her daughter was and told her just how much she loved her. This exchange is amazing, because for this brief moment, Kelly has her mother back. Her mother is no longer an Alzheimer’s patient for the time being – she is her mother again.

This video captures this touching and surprising moment. Both women radiate love for one another, and Kelly’s surprise at her mother’s recognition of her is absolutely priceless to watch. It just goes to show that even when the mind deteriorates, the person is still there and still loving.

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