VIDEO: Her Mom Just Died And Was Devastated. When She Read Her Obituary An Unlikely Thing Happened

When Emily Phillips found out that she had terminal pancreatic cancer, she decided to take matters into her own hands in the ways that she could. One thing that she decided to do was write her own obituary. Although her family was devastated to see her go, they couldn’t help but laugh at what she had written for them.

She started off by expressing her desire to “mend fences.” She then apologized for all the “wrongs” she had done her kids, including forcing her daughter to wear No Frills jeans as a little girl and making Scott wear a red shirt in kindergarten. She also expressed her shame at dating a guy Betsy at had a crush on and for tearing up at Mary Ann’s paper dolls.

She then talks about how much she loves her grandchildren, and about just what they have done for her life. She mentions the roles she has played in her life, and she does this with a humor the her family will definitely cherish, because with this letter, she is leaving a little bit of herself and who she was behind for them to treasure forever.

She speaks of how she was not famous and didn’t have any buildings named after her, but she feels like she could not have been more blessed, because she did have a chance to get to know and love all of her friends and family members.

She ends this amazing piece of writing with: “Love you forever. Emily.”

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