VIDEO: Her Husband Left Her Right Before Birth. So A Bunch Of Strangers Bought Her A Thoughtful Gift

It can be frustrating and potentially even devastating when things do not go as planned. That happened to Amanda, who was 36 weeks pregnant when her husband decided to leave her. They had been trying to get pregnant for a long time with no success, and she finally did become pregnant.

Additionally, they had bought a new home, and they were renovating the home for the family to live. However, when her husband left, Amanda was worried that she would no longer be able to live there due to a lack of adequate income.

A Sydney, Australia radio station, KIIS 1065, brought Amanda onto a “give back” segment that is a part of their show. They explained her sad story to the radio audience, and then they unveiled a surprise that they had for Amanda. They showed her house on a large TV screen, which she was very surprised to see. As if this was not enough, they brought the camera into the home to show her everything that they were giving her.

They were giving her six months of free cleaning services, three months worth of food, and thousands of dollars worth of baby supplies. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was in the oven. When the oven was opened, there was a large wad of cash; it was enough to pay her mortgage. Amanda was in tears and so grateful that she would not have to move and would be able to raise her baby in her home.

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