VIDEO: Her Father Bet She Would Mess Up Her Big Chance – Then She Opened Her Mouth…WOW!

An 12-year-old girl’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner prior to the start of a Major League Soccer match has captured the attention of YouTube viewers, with the video of that performance garnering over 788,000 views.

From Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Lexi Walker is the pre-teen sensation who has also performed the Anthem at NFL and NBA games. In addition, she’s appeared on Good Morning America, the Queen Latifah Show and made appearances at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and on the talent competition, America’s Got Talent.

Another You Tube video of Walker singing “Let It Go,” from the Walt Disney film, Frozen, has compiled millions of views.

Prior to her performance at the soccer match, Walker’s father made a small bet with her that she wouldn’t be able to hit the high note in the Anthem. She succeeded, but there’s no indication of exactly what she won.

Her singing career is growing enough that she has her own website ( listing a variety of items, including her performance schedule. Most of the events are within Utah, but in early May, she’l be performing in North Carolina at a private event, followed six days later by a benefit for special needs children in Virginia.

Walker is currently in seventh grade, attending American Heritage School. Her musical tastes are wide-ranging, spanning Pop, Jazz, Broadway and Classical. While she hasn’t quite decided on her future, she has told her mother that she would like to perform on Broadway, presumably in musical theater.

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