VIDEO: Her Entire School Made Fun Of Her For Wearing This. How She Got Revenge? Wow

A beautiful butterfly emerging from her cocoon. That is how Lindsey March describes her journey to losing 300 pounds in 3 years. In addition to better health, Lindsey was rewarded with new-found confidence, courage, and respect.

Lindsey had been bullied since the age of five because of her weight. Her classmates’ taunts of “fatso” and “cow” would leave Lindsey feeling ashamed to the point she sometimes wanted to end it all. She also suffered from health problems including asthma and diabetes. By the age of 12, Lindsey was told by her doctors she would eventually need gastric bypass surgery.

On December 15, 2011, just before turning 25, Lindsey went to see a specialist to discuss gastric bypass. The doctor refused to do the surgery, telling Lindsey she could lose the weight on her own with hard work and perseverance. Lindsey accepted the challenge and documented her transformation along the way.

Over the next three years, Lindsey walked, took Zumba classes and climbed countless hills and stairs. She encountered challenges along the way including riding a bike for the first time, running mud races and obstacle courses, and becoming a Zumba instructor. The weight came off pound by pound. By December 15, 2014, Lindsey had lost an astonishing 300 pounds, thanks to her determination and the support of her friends.

A video documenting Lindsey’s inspirational weight loss was posted to YouTube in December 2014 and has already received over 1.7 million views.

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