VIDEO: Her Classmate Bullied Her And Called Her Ugly. Her Response? I Love Her. She Is So Amazing

When a little girl was called ugly by her fellow classmates, she had a response that showed just how beautiful she was, and it surprised everyone. Most parents wan their children to be able to go to school without being made fun of or bullied. This little girl was asked about her day, and she told her mother that some of the children in her class called her ugly.

This didn’t stop the girl from showing that she was above the rest of the people in her class. She told the other children that she wasn’t there to make any kind of fashion statement or to impress anyone, that she was there to get an education.

It doesn’t take beauty to get an education, and an education will take someone farther in life than looks, making this little girl one of the smartest in her class. Her mother must have taught her something that she should be proud of because most children would have either said something back to those who called her ugly or taken things down a different route.

This is a child who will likely go far in the future if she continues with this same attitude.

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