VIDEO: Her And Her Babies Were Supposed To Be Dead, But This Happened And I’m SO Happy

After receiving an urgent call Hope for Paws rushed to a yard where a stray pit bull had just given birth to 5 newborn puppies. Upon arrival the mother was scared of the team and ran. With the help of neighbors they were able to fence her in.

When the momma pit bull realized Hope for Paws was there to help she quickly absorbed all the love they were giving her. Hope for Paws quickly found where the mother had delivered the puppies as they gathered them one by one they found that the fifth puppy passed away before they made it to the scene. After reuniting the mom pit bull to her babies they were transferred to a Veterinary Care Center.

Once there they were all looked over for their health. Momma and babies both were infested with fleas and received a bath. After the bath everyone figured the dogs would be feeling better but mom who was named Lexus came whining and asking for help.

They took her in for further examination and X-ray, only to find she had a metal Coke soda lid in her stomach. Not wanting to do surgery on a nursing mom they decided to induce vomiting. Lexus soon was able to rid her stomach of the lid. A few days later they went to foster with The Little Red Dog Rescue. Three weeks after that they are living in their forever home, happy and healthy as a family.

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