VIDEO: Her 6th Sense Tells Her To Rush Home, What She Found Gave Me Goosebumps

Throughout the course the our lives on this planet, we are infrequently met with a sudden event that stirs our souls and shakes us to consider all that is possible. We call them miracles.

On what started out as an ordinary day in Saratoga Springs, a woman by the name of Nicole Mayhew was part of a miraculous occurrence. She was at work just like any other day when she became struck with a certain intuition that something was deeply wrong at home.

There, Nicole’s husband Scott was working underneath his car until the vehicle slipped off his jack and collapsed on top of him. Scott, with his broken ribs and internal injuries, cried out for help but knew there was no man or woman who could hear his voice. So he decided to pray for his wife to reach him.

As he prayed, Nicole was driving back home from across town and answered his prayers. She heard Scott stuck underneath the car and quickly dialed 911. Fortunately, Nicole had arrived in the nick of time and Scott’s life was saved.

It’s hard to say what exactly drove Nicole to hurry back home as Scott was inches away from breathing his last breath. But whatever it was – blind luck, divine intervention, a wife’s intuition, or a sixth sense – Nicole and Scott Mayhew are happy a miracle occurred that day and they can continue living their lives together.

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