VIDEO: He Was Taking Photos Of The Snow, When He Noticed A Strange Shape On The Ground. OMG…

According to WSMV-TV 4, Keith Sheldon decided to take off of work to shoot pictures of the winter they were having in Tennessee. In the end, his decision to take off of work was the thing that saved a woman’s life.

Once he finished shooting wintertime pictures, he had to take a different route home due to weather conditions. This shift in his routine led him to an amazing discovery.

On his drive home, he noticed a Lexus that was stuck in a ditch. He got out of his car to take pictures, thinking that if someone was the owner of the car, they may need visuals. As he investigated, he saw a woman – Patricia, 74 years old – on the ground a few feet from the car. He shouted for her, but she didn’t respond, and he called 911.

It’s unknown how long the woman was outside her car. She had been reported missing two days earlier. The weather was 15 degrees and Patricia was frozen, stuck to the ground. When the paramedics moved her, Sheldon said he could hear the ice breaking underneath her body. Today, Patricia is back home with her family, safe and sound.

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