VIDEO: He Was Determined To Catch a Fish But When This Happened, We Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Jack is just a little boy, but he certainly does not have a will power that matches his size! It must be at least ten times his size, as Jack does not ever give up when he wants something to be his. It all started out as a peaceful day at the beach; Jack and his family enjoying the day.

Things start to get more exciting when Jack spots a fish swimming beneath him off the dock. Determined, Jack reaches for his tiny, toy net and tries to catch the fish. The fish swims away scared out of its mind.

Jack does not take the fish’s “no” for an answer. He proceeds to run down off the dock and on to the beach. Jack sees the fish in the water again and goes to get him, no holds barred style. When the fish tries to get away from the advancing Jack, it swims under the dock where Jack first spotted the fish near.

Now the fish must think it is in a safe zone away from the boy. To the fish’s surprise, Jack goes under the dock and scares the fish to swim back out into the open. Next, the fish is scared so badly by an again advancing Jack, that the fish flops right on to land!

Jack now secures the fish in his hand, proudly gleaming toward his parents still on the dock. What a determined little boy, may he always have that drive all throughout his life!

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