VIDEO: He Was Born Blind, But What He Is Able To Do With A Piano Will BLOW You Away. WOW!

Patrick Hughes, born blind and unable to fully use his arms and legs, has an amazing story to share. This musically talented guy learned to play the piano at the tender age of 2, and would even take requests and play them back verbatim. His love for music eventually landed him a spot in the University of Louisville’s marching band.

Patrick is a testimate that you can do anything you put your mind to. He has a solid foundation/support system that makes sure he’s always in good spirits. No ailment can stop Patrick because his energy is always positive and inspirational. This goes to show that everyone should be more grateful for what they have regardless of their circumstance because things could be worse, but better is always welcomed.

Thanks to the help of his loving father,who navigates Patrick’s wheelchair as he plays, Patrick is able to perform at halftime with his band mates in a stadium that hosts thousands. Patrick’s dad works the graveyard shift at UPS, and makes it a point to be the most supportive/dedicated father he can be to Patrick. It’s safe to say this dynamic duo cannot be stopped.

Patrick is an upbeat inspiration to all he comes in contact with, as he hasn’t let his disability dictate his life; He believes that it’s not a disability but “more abilities”, which is an outstanding perspective to have. With that attitude it’s safe to say Patrick has not and will not be defeated.

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