VIDEO: He Tosses A Tub Of Ice Cream In The Microwave. The Reason Why? YUMMY!

As delicious as ice cream can be, it can still be difficult to finish a pint in one sitting. Instead of putting the leftovers back in the freezer, the leftover amount can be used to create another tempting dessert. All that is needed is a dry cake mix and microwave.

Cakes made with a boxed cake mix typically need a couple of ingredients added in. The usual additional ingredients are eggs and milk. Instead of adding these ingredients, ice cream can be added in their place. Begin by putting the leftover ice cream in the microwave to melt it.

After the ice cream has melted, the cake mix can be added right into the ice cream container to mix with the ice cream. Once the ingredients are stirred to a cake batter consistency, then the mixture is ready for the microwave. A small slit in the lid of the pint container can serve as a steam vent. In just a couple of minutes, the pint container will be full of delicious cake.

This recipe is amazing because it makes excellent use of leftovers. The result is an easy dessert that is worthy of being on a restaurant menu. This dessert is both simple and delicious.

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