VIDEO: He Took One Look At Her Shirt And Started Crying Like A Baby. WOW! So CUTE!

In this adorable video, an unsuspecting hubby comes home to news of epic proportions, cleverly disguised in a Halloween costume. Few moments in a couple’s life compare to the moment when news of an expected baby is shared, and this new-to-be mom made sure that moment would never be forgotten.

Wearing an adorable skeleton leotard with the cutest boney baby bump (Where did she get that?), this wife set up the video camera to catch the action and waited for her husband to walk in the door, just like any other day. With dog tails wagging and a wife dressed in quite the interesting get up, his briefcase is nonchalantly taken and she announces that she’s found her costume for a friends Halloween party.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a close up of his face as he reaches out to touch the skeletal baby bump pictured across her abdomen, but when she throws an unmistakeable hint out there, he’s not quite sure she’s being serious. Finally, she clues him in to the reality of the news by showing him her pregnancy test. He reacts immediately by wrapping her in his arms and hugging her over and over again. It’s enough to make you cry.

Halloween is usually a season of ceremoniously riotous news filled with monsters, mischief, candy, and parties. This pair’s precious cargo may interfere with some of that this year, but this trick or treat season will go down in their history of love as their best Halloween ever.

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