VIDEO: He *Thought* This Mansion Was Abandoned. Then He Stepped Inside…WOW

Urban explorer daadeeoh found far more than he expected when making trips to see a beautiful abandoned mansion located in Ontario, Canada. His first few visits were impeded by locked doors, but in the spring and summer, he found the property unlocked and was able to get a closer look at the history of this lovingly constructed home.

Equipped with a video camera, daadeeoh was able to capture some stunning images and film of the storied mansion. Despite clear evidence of looting or salvaging, it was still obvious that the original owners had painstakingly constructed their ideal living space there.

The usual amenities were all present and done up in great detail, but there were even some that defy all expectations: a dance studio, a wide staircase, even an elevator; quite a lofty expense for a private home. The grounds were well-maintained, even with the state of disrepair inside the house, and a massive garage at the rear of the property spoke to another possible set of hidden treasures. The explorer guessed that the family may have had an RV at one time.

Some of the things daadeeoh found spoke to the house being unfinished, but the building was already scheduled to be demolished by the time he’d arrived. It’s impossible to say what could cause someone to invest in, but abandon such an important project. With no information about the original owners, there’s no way to know. The home is gone now, but daadeeoh’s recording is its last testament.

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