VIDEO: He Thought It Was Just Another Pizza Delivery, Then This Happened. LOLOLOLOL!

A prank will always evoke strong emotion. The question is what kind of emotion. A great prank leaves everyone involved happier than when it began, and can lift the spirit of viewers as well. Which is why a group of friend’s prank on a pizza delivery man was such a delight.

The guys picked a song, picked up some towels, and got to work putting together a dance routine. Then they made a fateful call to a local pizza place for a delivery. And what the delivery guy found is most certainly not what he was expecting. Sure, there was someone opening the door to get a pizza. And while someone doing so in a towel is hardly unheard of, it’s rare for other people in towels to follow behind them.

And what happened after that isn’t simply rare, but unique. Unique, and hilarious. Suddenly a song entitled The Fox, by Ylvis, echos through the home. And with the start of the song, so begins the start of the dance. The group of young men, clothed only in towels, begins to frantically dance around to the music. Arms flailing, legs moving, and with a befuddled pizza delivery man as the sole audience. Anyone would be confused.

But not everyone would be as quick to adapt as the delivery man. After a few seconds, he puts down the pizza and joins in with the dancing. He even manages to quickly pick up the general rhythm and movement of the dance.

Even more amusing, one of the dancers throws money in the air for them to dance around. Everyone had a great time, and anyone can tell the pizza delivery man was really delighted by the experience.

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