VIDEO: He Taped His Wife Talking To Their Unborn Baby. What Was Captured On Tape? JAW DROPPING!

Ashlee Marie is 33 weeks pregnant with her second child. She has been keeping track of her baby’s growth and development during the course of pregnancy. Ashlee has also been recording videos of her baby growing and developing inside of the womb. She recently recorded a 44 second video of the baby moving.

The baby moves around in the womb for a little while and then stops. Ashlee then rubs her stomach again, and the baby immediately responds by moving and kicking.

It appears as though the baby is moving more after he felt his mother’s touch. It is amazing how even though the baby is still in the womb, he still loves his mother’s touch and can respond to it. These are the types of moments that mothers will remember long after the pregnancy is over.

The video of Ashlee’s baby moving in the womb has been viewed over 164,000 times online. It has also been shared over 17,000 times. Mothers have commented on the video talking about how it reminded them of the times when they were pregnant with their little ones. They also talked about how it was an experience that they will never forget.

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