VIDEO: He Takes The Handles Off His Draw And Screws Them Back On The Inside. This Is So Smart

Anyone who has ever moved to a new place can attest to the fact that it is a tedious task. Very few people actually enjoy moving, but there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier and more efficient.

One thing that you can do with any piece of furniture that has drawers is unscrew the handles on the drawers and turn them inside out. All you will do in this situation is remove the screws and the handles, and put the handles on the inside of the drawers so that they are no longer on the outside to cause potential damage to other items.

If you would like to use the same drawers to transport items while you are moving, you can actually create makeshift temporary handles for this purpose. Simply get a strong tape, fold one side into a tab, and stick the other side into the drawer with the tab sticking out. This way, you can easily pull open the drawers even though the original handles are on the inside. Then, you can fill each of these drawers with as much or as little of your stuff as you would like in order to make packing as efficient as possible.

Packing and unpacking are generally a chore that almost no one enjoys. However, you will likely enjoy learning about these cool hacks, because they will make your life a lot easier the next time you have to move to a new place.

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