VIDEO: He Takes His Old Socks And Instead Of Throwing Them Out, He Turns Them Into THIS!

Swiffer floor mops have become an every day part of household cleaning. Without our Swiffers, we would hardly remember how to clean; however, the costs of Swiffer cleaning pads and solutions can do some serious damage to the budget! Even off-brand products designed to imitate Swiffer pads can quickly add up over time. That’s why smart house-keepers every where are saying no to Swiffer cleaning pads and instead turning to old socks; that’s right, your beat-up socks turn out to be a fabulous tool when it comes to cleaning house and will also save money on household products.

How Does it Work?
With minimal effort a garbage-bound sock can turn into a make-shift Swiffer mop. All one needs to do is take a standard sized women’s sport sock and cut it in half. The sock can then be wrapped around the Swiffer, and attached just like a regular cleaning pad.

The Benefits of Using Socks on Swiffers
Aside from saving tons of money by trading expensive cleaning pads for simple socks, there are some extra benefits of using your unwanted laundry for cleaning.

First, a lot of cleaning supplies are now infused with products that give off an odor. While the odor maybe pleasant to some people, it can be harmful to those suffering with allergies. In addition, these good-smelling cleaning pads are full of chemicals. When you choose the new sock-method, you can use your Swiffer without worrying about chemicals or irritating allergies.

Also, the socks work really well. Unlike cleaning pads, socks are a bit thicker and the texture easily traps and picks up dirt and dust all over floors.

How Long Will A Sock Mop Last?
If you’re worried about running out of old socks, don’t be! Most people can use the same sock every day for a month by turning the sock over after the second week of use. If a month isn’t long enough for you or you just don’t want to run the same pad across your floors every day, simply toss it in the washing machine.

Alternative Methods
If you don’t have any spare socks lying around, you can improvise by cutting other pieces of clothing or rags into pad-sized pieces.

In today’s world, saving money is a must. By using socks in place of Swiffer pads, you can cut a little bit extra out of your monthly budget while giving your sock a some spare time before they meet the garbage can.

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