VIDEO: He Takes His Daughter On An Expensive Photo Shoot, When I Found Out Why I Started To Cry

Rafael Del Col, a Brazilian-based blogger, lost his pregnant wife in a tragic accident in 2011. He was left to raise his daughter, Raisa, alone.

To learn how to handle widowhood and paternity without a mother, he searched for assistance but could not find any help. Years later he decided to honor his wife’s memory in a unique way that would help keep her memory alive.

His creative idea involved recreating his pre-wedding photos of his wife, Tati, with his daughter Raisa in her place. The result was a beautiful tribute to a beloved wife and mother.

The video includes side by side photos of comparison of the couples 2009 pre-wedding photoshoots. Rafael recreated the photos in November of 2014. The videos include Raisa in clothing similar to what her mother wore in the snapshots before she died, and Raisa wore her mother’s necklace and high heel shoes in two of the photos.

The music in the clip is a song that Raisa sings often. Rafel tried to keep the photos as authentic and natural as possible.

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