VIDEO: He Stumbles Upon This Box In The Snowy Woods. Then Heard A Strange Noise And Found This

Boxes can contain a wide variety of items. From presents to trash boxes are used to carry almost everything. Almost everyone has seen a box on the side of the road and wondered what was inside. Well one family got quite a surprise when they looked inside a box.

A man was recently driving on a snowy road that had no houses on it and absolutely no other traffic. He spotted a box and wondered what was inside. He decided to pull over on the side of the road and take a quick look at what was inside.

He figured there would be no harm in doing so and it might find something interesting. The box had several branches on top of it that appeared to have been placed there and the box had a single hole in it. He peaked inside to see what was in the box and what he saw touched him. Inside he found a sick and extremely cold kitten. The kitten had a single can of food and looked to be a little wet.

As he looked closer he noticed a second kitten inside the box and a blanket. The man has since taken in the two kittens who he believes are brothers. They are doing quite well and they have formed a special bond with one another.

If the two kittens are separated from one another they will meow until they find their brother. So next time you see a box on the side of the road you should definitely consider stopping. You may save the life of an innocent kitten or two.

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