VIDEO: He Stumbles Upon A Fox. Keep Your Eye On How The Fox Reacts

What happens when a fox kit is found by a family in the forest who help it survive and return to the wild? A lifelong bond of friendship forms, of course. When a Norwegian family found a starving fox kit in the woods, they raised the kit, making sure it had plenty to eat while still keeping it wild. The rehabilitated fox returns from the woods every once in a while to see his lifelong friend, a happy mutt that looks, for all the world, thrilled to see his vulpine companion.

The fox is wild, but he still comes back to see the family that helped raise him– and to see his best canine pal, Tinni. The pair love to run through the forest, and although they seem the odd couple, their play looks natural.

The Norwegian family who found the fox kit and owns Tinni shot the footage over a number of seasons, and it shows the fox and the hound running, jumping, climbing, swimming, and even cuddling– they seem completely enamored of each other, and completely thrilled to be in each others’ company.

Science may still be out on whether canines have feelings as complex as humans, but one thing is for sure, Tinni and his fox friend share a bond that runs deep. Despite the fact that foxes have long been prey animals for domestic dogs, the friendship seems unhampered by the fact that the two are a different species. Instead, they seem unconcerned by their differences.

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