VIDEO: He Stepped On The Beach With His Camera, But He Never Fathomed He’d Capture This. OMG

Earlier on the Pacific Coast a man was filming people walking down the beach. This was just a routine film session until suddenly he saw thirty or so dolphins swimming towards the shore.

At first he thought this was just an amazing site so he filmed the dolphins. But then all of the dolphins began to beach themselves on the shore. Rather than simply let the dolphins beach themselves, he immediately began to help the dolphins back into the ocean.

He began organizing other people on the beach to help the dolphins get back in the water. He was also able to capture the amazing heroism of the people on the beach on camera. If you have not seen this video yet, then you need to check it out. In a world where we consistently have stories that make us sad or depressed, this story is sure to touch your heart and make you happy.

The story of the man that was filming on the beach and suddenly had a chance to make the world a little bit better is inspiring. His tale reminds us all that we may have a chance to improve the world at any moment so we should be ready to rise to any occasion.

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