VIDEO: He Starts Spraying Water On This Giant Baby. Moments Later. OMG! No Way!

There is a video online that shows an adorable baby elephant playing in a pool. The elephant’s name is Double Trouble, and he certainly lives up to his name. The elephant is a little clumsy because she has just learned how to use her legs. This just adds to the cuteness of the video.

She enjoys being in the pool and splashing around inside of it. There is also someone spraying water on her. The funniest part of the video is at the end where Double Trouble tries takes the hose with her trunk. There is a little girl holding on to the hose, and Double Trouble almost pulls the little girl along with the hose.

The elephant lives at a place called Elephantstay, which is located in Thailand. The staff members at Elephant stay are committed to conserving elephants. They believe that retired, old and working elephants all deserve to live their last days out in comfort. The staff members do all that they can to make sure the elephants enjoy their time at Elephantstay.

On a typical day, the elephants can be seen bathing and grazing at Elephantstay. They also receive a lot of love from the staff members.

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