VIDEO: He Spots A Dying Puppy In The Ditch On A Road, What He Does Next? OMG!

When most people see a dog or cat on the side of the road, they would probably try to help the animal, especially if it’s injured. This man saw a puppy on the side of a busy road, and the puppy appeared as though it didn’t have a lot of life left. He decides to do something unthinkable to help the poor animal so that it can have a chance at life.

After he found the dog on the road, he called an animal rescue organization to come help. The organization gave a response that there weren’t a lot of funds to help with rescuing animals, but they knew that the situation was something that needed immediate attention.

The organization went on a leap of faith that they would get the support needed to help find the dog a home. The puppy was about 15 months old when it was found, and it only weighed about 18 pounds.

They got out information about the dog to try to find it’s home. Soon, they discovered that the owners didn’t want to deal with a sick dog, so it was left on the road. If it weren’t for the man calling a rescue organization, the dog probably would have died with no one around.

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