VIDEO: He Screams, HELLO! The Response He Got Back? I Can’t Stop Laughing. I’m In Tears!

Animals respond to various things that people say, especially when they are loud. One man screamed a word that most people would say on a daily basis. The dog responded in a way that has everyone laughing.

When dogs seem to talk back to their owners, it seems to make the news across the internet. One of the most common phrases that dogs usually sound like they say is I love you. The owner of the dog leaves his home, which means leaving his dog behind. As he closes the gate of the home, the dog starts barking.

He decides to tell the dog hello several times so that the dog will know that his owner is still there. When the dog starts barking a greeting in return, it sounds almost identical to the owner. The friends and family of the man hear the dog, and they are astounded as to how similar to the dog sounds to his owner.

As soon as the man says hello, the dog jumps and responds. It’s as though the dog really is communicating with his owner. Many people have a close relationship with their pets, and this is an example of the bond that humans and animals share.

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