VIDEO: He Saved Stranger from Burning House, But Never Expected This Once In A Lifetime Surprise

When Tom Artiaga, A Fresno Truck drive, woke up a few days ago he had no idea he would be America’s newest hero. Be he is just that. Tom happened to be in the area when a house fire trapped a man inside. The panicked crowd, with phones in hand, tried to find a solution, but smoke and fear kept them in a disoriented state.

Artiaga, the quiet family man, quickly walked past the crowd and into the house. A few seconds later, Tom walked out of the house with a man on his shoulder. Then without saying a word, Tom walked away. No one in the crowd knew who he was. A few days later, Tom was identified.

Tom, an avid Dodger fan, was invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Artiaga sat in the audience with his wife Anna. He answered questions and laughed as Kimmel asked him about his heroics. His humility was obvious when Kimmel asked his to come on stage.

No one suspected, especially Artiaga, that former Dodger manager, Tommy Lasorda, would joined the show. Lasorda proclaimed that Artiaga would throw out the first pitch next season for the Dodgers. The no frills hero, with gifts in his hands, and tears in his eyes was clearly surprised.

The likable father of three didn’t want or need to be in the spotlight, be he was. He accepted his new role as a modern day hero with dignity and a healthy dose of humility.

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