VIDEO: He Reaches Out To Touch This Deer. What The Deer Does In Return Is Great!

The public media has been moved by the fond and trust both a man and deer developed while undergoing a spontaneous encounter in the wild last Monday.

Deers are known to be nervous, alert, and afraid of humans, but this occurrence shows otherwise. A man while hiking encountered a deer wandering in the wild. Instead of simply observing the animal from a distance or ignoring it, he got close to it with the intention of petting it.

His accomplished what he wanted. The man recorded himself sitting at a rock in front of the deer. The deer showed absolutely no fear or hesitation. In fact, when the man raised his hand and whistle to the deer, as if trying to attract the attention of a dog, the deer voluntary moved his head towards his hand. The animal wanted to get petted. The man scratched and stroked the deer’s face and neck. When he stopped, the deer stood still with no intentions of leaving.

People wonder how this could happened. Other than safety reasons, most people would simply not approach a deer in the wild, especially knowing that it would run away anyways. Overall, the high level of trust and affection that both the man and the deer show, as if they knew each other for years, is what surprises the public media the most. It is as if both the deer and the man knew each others’ exact intentions before their interaction.


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