VIDEO: He Puts A Boiled Egg In A Glass Of Water. The Reason? I Bet You Have NO Idea

The Perfectly Peeled Egg
If you’re like the rest of us, you like to eat hard-boiled eggs in salads, by themselves with salt or by making a platter of Deviled eggs. Yum! Nothing screams “Picnic!” Like Deviled eggs.

Peeling those eggs is another story. How many eggs get ruined when the shell just won’t slide off? Apparently there is a thin film of membrane that needs to stay attached to the shell so that removal is easy. Tell that to someone trying to peel a couple dozen eggs and you’ll see their patience crack.

How Come My Mother Never Taught Me This?
This trick to peel hard-boiled eggs is amazing. When, and exactly who is the genius that figured this out is unknown. Thankfully, all of us egg salad lovers now have this video that shows us the correct and easy way to peel an egg.
It’s really amazing that this foodie news is just coming to the forefront now, after all, this method doesn’t require any great technology. Kudos to the adventurous human being that somehow figured this out.

News as logical and life-altering as this should be on the front page of every newspaper and big-wig websites too! Sound ridiculous? Why shouldn’t the good news about a common, everyday food such as the egg be applauded? If this trick saves you time the next time you are peeling a dozen eggs then be sure to show this video to mom.

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