VIDEO: He Put A ‘Monster’ In A Crate. One Month Later? It’s A Miracle!

Dogs that are raised in puppy mills often have a lot of trouble readjusting to life. They are usually very afraid of people. Dogs from puppy mills may also end up having behavioral problems because they are kept in isolation. Some of these dogs end up living on the streets. In many cases, these dogs are sent to shelters and euthanized because no one wants to help them. People euthanize these dogs because they assume that they are a lost cause and cannot be helped.

However, a dog named Coconut proves that a dog that was raised in a puppy mill can readjust to normal life. The dog was rescued from the puppy mill by the ASPCA. Coconut was very afraid of humans. At first, the ASPCA workers did not believe there was any hope for her.

However, Coconut underwent a very amazing transition after just three weeks. The ASPCA workers taught her people skills and simple techniques. It appears as though she is a totally different dog. Coconut now loves to be around people.

Things keep getting better for Coconut. She has now been adopted by a family who will give her the love and care that she deserves.

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