VIDEO: He Pulverizes Bacon Up Into Tiny Pieces, But Then He Does This And I Am Drooling

It’s a well documented fact that bacon is one of America’s favorite meat products, and that jam is a staple of the modern American sandwich, just behind jelly in terms of popular sweet bread spreads.

Well, now the popular food blog Food Wishes has shared with the world a recipe that can combine the two in a single, delicious spread that delivers a whole new kind of flavor. What is this new wonder-food? Bacon Jam.

The process of making bacon jam, while obviously rewarding, is a long and arduous process that involves many ingredients, such as crisp, chopped bacon (of course), cayenne pepper, butter, yellow onions, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, sherry vinegar, olive oil, bacon fat, thyme, water, black pepper and salt.

The result has the consistency of jam, but all flavor of bacon. The official Food Wishes blog touts its flexibility as a condiment, saying it makes the mind “reel with possibilities.” The blog suggests serving it with bread as a party snack, or on grilled cheeses and hamburgers.

Don’t worry about the weirdness factor either, or the fact that three pounds of yellow onions and a pound and a half of bacon makes only three and a half cups of bacon jam. Give it a chance, and you’ll see why, truly, any food can be made better if it’s made with bacon.

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